Critical Thinking (2020) Movie: Trailer, Cast, Release Date, Review

We often underestimate kids who are from backward classes. But who knows, some unique talent may be hidden beneath the social barriers. The only thing, that can remove this barrier is education. As you know education is the human right of any individual, politics plays a very crucial role in not allowing the privileged persons to not get their rights. Based on this social issue, The movie Critical Thinking tells us a true story of some underestimated kids. 

Critical Thinking 2020 is a Sports-Drama movie based on a true story. In the year 1998, five teenagers from the toughest underserved school in Miami get a chance to participate in US National Chess Championship. A very talented and inspiring teacher guides them to reach that stage. John Leguizamo’s direction has some heart touching sequence, which addresses social and cultural loopholes.  

Critical Thinking IMDB Rating: NA

Check out the Critical Thinking Trailer below:

Plot: Chess is the only way to escape

The movie is based on a true story of five young children, from unreserved society/school from Miami. They fight for their rights and reach the US National Chess Championship. In this movie, the story narrates their life and struggle, they have to suffer due to social and cultural barriers. In between a  teacher stands with them and makes them encourage to fight and get their rights.  

Critical Thinking  Cast

In the role of the inspiring teacher, you will see John Leguizamo with a confident and responsible character. Among others, you will also see Rachel Bay Jones, Michael Kenneth Williams in the movie.  

Critical Thinking  Release Date

As per official declaration, The movie is set to release in 4th September 2020.

Production House

Cinema Veritas, Hialeah Park Studios, NRSP

Critical Thinking Movie Reviews

Information Source: Youtube, IMDB

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