Gajakeasari : The Big Lion | Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie| Yash

Gajakeasari : The Big Lion Gajakesari (Original title Gajakeshari), a Kannada movie directed by cinematographer Yash and produced by Jayanna and Bogendra. The movie stars Yash in leading role along with Amulya and Anant Nag. The film also prominently features an elephant named Arjuna from Waynad, Kerala. Actor Prakash Raj plays as narrator for the film to introduce Yash’s character.

Gajakeasari : The Big Lion | Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie| Yash

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

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Plot:  The movie starts with yash being asked to serve the temple when he reached his time. But yash wanted not to put himself in the service of God, so he asked to give an elephant to the temple if wants to set free from the rituals. When yash went to a forest to find an elephant for the temple, he finds his past glories and realizes his duties towards the people.

Cast:  In Gajakeasari, Yash as Yash / Bahubali; Amulya as Meera; Anant Nag as Pontiff of Shankara Narayana Mutt; John Vijay as Rana; Prabhakar as Rana’s henchmen; Shahbaz Khan as Raja Jayasurya Bahaddur; Rangayana Raghu as Forrest Officer Agni; Sadhu Kokila as Chuncha; Girija Lokesh as Yash’s mother

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