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Jaan ki Baazi: Original name: Yaan (Me) is a 2014 Indian Tamil-language motion thriller movie written, directed and filmed through Ravi K. Chandran. It points Jiiva and Thulasi Nair in the lead roles. The film’s soundtrack and rating was once composed through Harris Jayaraj, whilst enhancing and artwork path have been finished with the aid of A. Sreekar Prasad and Sabu Cyril, respectively. Resul Pookutty was once in cost of the sound mixing and Brinda was once in cost of the choreography. The movie used to be dubbed and launched in Telugu as Rangam two in 2016. The film used to be suggested to be based totally on the 1978 film Midnight Express. It used to be dubbed in Hindi as Jaan Ki Baazi with the aid of Goldmines Telefilms in December 2016.

Jiiva and Thulasi Nair in Jaan ki Baazi
Jiiva and Thulasi Nair in Jaan ki Baazi

Jaan Ki Baazi | Jiiva, Thulasi Nair | Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

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Plot:  The movie starts in Mumbai the place law enforcement officials layout the stumble upon of terrorist Malik Shah (Nawab Shah), who is an infamous criminal. The law enforcement officials prevail in trapping him, and Police Commissioner Anwar Ali (Jayaprakash) kills Malik. Then comes Chandrasekhar alias Chandru (Jiiva), a happy-go-lucky, jobless early life who is an MBA graduate and lives in his grandmother’s expense. Chandru meets Sreela (Thulasi Nair) on the day of stumble upon and helps her elope the spot, saving her life. Chandru falls for Sreela at first sight and starts off evolved to observe her. Though in the beginning, she refuses him, they each fall in love soon. As usual, Sreela’s father Rajan (Nassar) opposes their marriage as Chandru is jobless and does no longer has an income. Hence, Chandru decides to discover a job with full fledge. He subsequently receives a job provide in ‘Basilistan’, a strict Islamic nation. Chandru travels to Basilistan with the assist of a tour agent named Haridas (Bose Venkat). He additionally introduces Iqbal (Danush Bhaskar), an autistic teen boy to Chandru, who is also journeying to Basilistan for a work and asks Chandru to take care of him till they attain Basilistan, Morocco.

A shock awaits Chandru and Iqbal, as they are arrested in Basilistan airport for carrying drugs. In the court, Chandru sees a man named Abdul Rashid, a wealthy entrepreneur from Basilistan, who resembles Malik. Chandru is interrogated by using the officials. He claims that he is harmless however is despatched to jail with a be aware that drug trafficking is a punishable offence in Basilistan, and he will be killed with the aid of the officials. Chandru is aware that it used to be a entice set up with the aid of Haridas. Chandru meets Chinna (Thambi Ramaiah), an inmate at the prison who is a Tamil guy. Chinna is arrested for a small crime and is about to be launched soon. Chinna tells Chandru that if anyone from India can assist him discover a legal professional at Basilistan, he will get bail and will be released. Chandru sends a notice for Sreela thru Chinna, and Sreela decides to assist Chandru. With Anwar’s help, Sreela travels to Basilistan to rescue Chandru. She meets a Tamil taxi driver who drives her to the jail. On the way, they witness the execution of the criminals. She is started up to see Chandru amongst the crew and is deeply hurt. Luckily for Chandru, execution did now not occur due to the fact of the damaged sword even as executing Imran. He is taken returned to jail. Chandru escapes the detention center and meets Sreela. They each get away the area with the taxi driver’s help.

Meanwhile, it is printed that Rashid is none different than Malik himself, who faked the come across with a dummy. Fearing that his identification will be published by using Chandru, he follows Chandru and Sreela to kill them. They move the Basilistan border with a camel, and Malik receives killed. Finally, Chandru and Sreela break out from Basilistan.

Cast:  It features Jiiva and Thulasi Nair in the lead roles. 

Jiiva and Thulasi Nair in Jaan ki Baazi
Jiiva and Thulasi Nair in Jaan ki Baazi

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