Palgarh Mob lynching

Three people (two sadhus and one driver) were beaten to death by a mob in a village in Palgarh district of Maharashtra. As per the ANI report, the incident takes place on 17 April in Gadchinchle village of Palgarh. But on Sunday 19 April the video went viral. Later on 110 villagers were brought to police station for questioning. On April 19, the hashtag Palghar (#Palghar) was on top trend on Twitter.

Palgarh mob lynching

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Complete Story: As per the report of ANI, these three had come from kandivali and were on to their way to surat.  Instead of moving on highways, they preferred to travel between the village rout. With some rumors, a large number of people gathered around the vehicle and started attacking them. Although the exact reason is unknown, as per police, people attacked these three people in doubt of theft. later, Palgarh police arrested 110 people including 9 juveniles in connection to this lynching case.  

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