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The Foreigner is a thriller short movie, in an erotic dressing but very controversially layered.

Looks like Ram Gopal Varma is eventually hitting the proper buttons when it comes to film-making. People love RGV for a single cause – he brings to the fore a hassle that every person is aware of exists however don’t discuss about it. Satya did that. Everyone knew about a crime infested Mumbai in the 90s, but now not many spoke about it. Satya opened the dialog that’s nevertheless going on.

With ‘Foreigner’, RGV opens up a dialog that’s been pending considering a lengthy whilst – the ‘foreign aspect’ that overseas female face when they come to India. A single, overseas lady starts dwelling in new construction and decides to employ a plumber. The plumber is enraptured by way of her splendor and introduces her to his buddies – all from unique strata of the society. What takes place subsequent types of relaxation of the film.

Ram Gopal Varma’s The Foreigner | A Taruna Khanagwal Short Film | RGVTalkies

Watch the full movie here below:

Plot:  The story of the movies tells us the culture difference between us and foreigners.

Cast:  Alexandra Gold, Nalneesh Neel, Kumar Saurabh, Ravi Asopa, Anup Sharma

 Production House: A Ram Gopal Varma Enterprise.

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