Selena Gomez – Boyfriend (Music Video)

Selena Gomez premiered the music video for her new single “Boyfriend” on April 10.

In the clip directed through Matty Peacock, the pop megastar takes her future into her very own hands, using a magic potion to weed out the relationship duds in her search for her best match.

Selena Gomez – Boyfriend (Music Video)

Check out the music video below:

Its lyrics seize that identical hostility of dating. She starts off evolved through singing the woe of most single human beings trying to date men: “I favor a boyfriend / But I simply maintain hitting lifeless ends / Try to take a shortcut, but I get reduce again and once more / I favor a boyfriend / Tell me, are there any appropriate ones left? / I maintain discovering incorrect ones, however, I prefer love once more and again.” The video hammers that message home.

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