Virgin Boys Part 2 adding love angle to its adult theme

After showing a gang of three virgin boys struggling to lose their virginity, This time Ullu brings the same virginity problem with a love angle. Ullu streaming Virgin Boys Part 2 from 10th July 2020.  

Keeping the adult content on its core theme, Ullu brings the second season of  Virgin Boys Part 2 with a little bit funny twist to chuchu’s life.

Virgin Boys Part 2 I Adding love angle to its adult theme

IMDB Rating: NA

Check out the trailer below:

Plot:  As in the first part of the web series, three boys struggling to get their sex wish with anybody. In this part, chchu, the confused character impresses his friend’s girlfriend to have sex with her. As in the trailer, we can see Chuchu still struggling with girls while having sex. But it’s time to watch if all of them would able to lose their virginity at the end or still their wish stays like a wish.

Cast: Parash Babbar, Keshav, Shivam Aggarwal

Production House:  Ullu

Releasing Date:  Streaming on Ullu app now.

Movie Reviews:  NA

Information Source: Youtube

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