Love on the Spectrum could be an inspiration for young dating adults

The feeling of love is awesome. But, expressing it to your crush is very difficult. Somehow in modern-day, we have developed a trend called dating. This would be a much easier way to express your love. Still, people with normal states find it hard to express their love for dating also. Based on this theory Netflix brings you the web series, Love on the Spectrum.

Love on the Spectrum is a 4 episode documentary series, about the exploration of unpredictable love relationships of some young adults. The series was available on netflix from Nov 2019.

Love on the Spectrum could be a inspiration of young dating adults.  

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Check out the trailer below:

Plot:  It’s not a story. Basically it’s a documentary of the state of situation of young people during their early dating time.  Love on the Spectrum could be a inspiration of young dating adults.

Cast: Documentary, No Celebrity.

Production House:  Northern Pictures

Releasing Date:  Streaming on Netflix from Nov 2019

Movie Reviews:  NA

Information Source: Youtube, IMDB

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