Robert 2015 | Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Horror

In this chilling story based totally on real-life events, a household experiences terrifying supernatural occurrences when their son acquires an antique doll known as Robert. The film Robert is written and directed by Andrew Jones. The film was launched in 2015 and received combined responses from the box-office. Lee Bane, Suzie Frances Garton, Flynn Allen are the lead artists in the movie.

Robert 2015 | Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Horror

IMDB Rating: 3.5/10

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Plot:  After Paul and Jenny separated from their sinister housekeeper Agatha, the former employee gifts a doll called Robert to the son. Soon after the departure of Agatha, Something strange happened with the family. When the son finds the doll being the reason for this, nobody believes him. Paul and Jenny think that some supernatural power has taken over the home, but later they found that the doll is hunted.

Cast:  Suzie Frances Garton, Lee Bane, Flynn Allen

Genres: Horror

Release Information: The movie was released on 24th Aug 2015 in UK and now available in various languages including Hindi.

Production House: The movie was produced by  North Bank Entertainment.

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