The Silence of the Marsh (2019) – Trailer I Netflix

The Silence of the Marsh (2019), a crime thriller, directed through Marc Vigil. The theme of the film is A author of crime tales discovers that actuality is extra crook than the tales he writes.

IMDB Rating: 5.1/10

The Silence of the Marsh (2019)  – Trailer I Netflix

Check out the teaser trailer below:

Plot:  City of Valencia, Valencia (east to Spain). “Q” is a former journalist reconverted in an author of crime novel books. Man of success revered via his fans, in actual lifestyles Q is a cold-blooded psychopath and lonely man with any feeling or empathy through any other, with a horrific relation with his youthful brother Nacho and dwelling with a compulsion to kill that subsequently, he interprets to his novels, writing about it as fiction. After the top-notch critics of the cutting-edge work about the homicide of a taxi driver, Q’s want to write a new story with a greater essential sufferer make him to selected Ferrán Carretero, trainer of Applied Economics in the University of Valencia and former flesh presser of the lengthy carrier, currently worried in a scandal of corruption. Kidnapping him night time and transferring him to Q’s ancient household residence in the center of City of Valencia’s swamp outdoor the city, Q notes all that Carretero says all through his captivity of some days, killing him finally. Carretero’s lacking calls the interest of La Puri, an effective gypsy drug-lord in secret commercial enterprise with Carretero and Carretero’s boss Isabel, a necessary flesh presser in the Consellería of Valencia, and Isabel’s assistant Vicent. Discovering that the media do not document about Carretero’s homicide and overlaying it as a job journey in the foreign, Q investigates Carretero’s belongings, in distinctive a key from the college bathtub locker the place he finds evidences of a darkish net of cash launderer implying La Puri, Isabel, Vicent in addition to law enforcement officials as Muñoz and Ricardo. Unaware from Q, La Puri sends her 2d hand and high-quality man Falconetti to stumble on Carretero, at the identical time she needs Isabel to shut the deal for reconstructing all La Puri’s nearby with new constructions to get greater cash and power. While Q discovers to be caught unintentionally between two ruthless forces, Falconetti’s monitoring of Carretero closes Q every time more, in an unsafe sport of the mouse and the cat the place no one is safe.

Cast:   Pedro AlonsoNacho FresnedaCarmina Barrios 

Production House:   Netflix, Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), Televisió de Catalunya (TV3)

Releasing Date:   Available on netflix

Movie Reviews: NA

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