Biohackers – A Thriller Movie | Luna Wedler | Netflix

We are at time, called as a creator, but now, we consider ourselves as a creator. But what do we create, Is it the future for our next generation or the technology for some personal interest. Biohackers, a TV Series, from netflix will showcase this issue in a thriller suspense story.   

Biohackers is a Sci-friction Drama, based on the story of hacking like through biotechnology. The series will be streaming on Netflix from Aug 2020.

IMDB Rating: NA

Biohackers | Luna Wedler | Netflix

Check out the trailer below:

Plot:  Mia (Luna Wedler) a biology student, finds some secrete activity in her college. The activity is something very advanced, but not in a goodwill of humankind. So Mia, targets a senior profession and enter the world of bio-hackers and tries to ruin the project.  

Cast: Luna Wedler, Adrian Julius Tillmann, Jessica Schwarz, Susanne Jokiel

Luna Wedler
Luna Wedler

Luna Wedler (Full name: Luna Sofia Wedler) is a Swiss actress, known for her award-winning performance in Blue My Mind (2018), The most beautiful girl in the world (2018)

Production House:  Claussen + Putz Filmproduktion

Releasing Date:  Streaming on netflix from 20th August 2020 (Argentina, Germany)

Movie Reviews:  NA

Information Source: Youtube, IMDB

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