Virgin Boys | It’s all about a sex wish | Ullu originals

ULLU mobile app has come with another adult series called “Virgin Boys”. The Series is all about, sex talk, sex talk and sex talk. From its trailer, the concept of the story revolves around three young boys, who wish to have sex with and lose their virginity. From, some of its dialogues, it seems, their friends are sex experts, where the three guys are doubtful about sex.  

Virgin Boys | It’s all about a sex wish  | Ullu originals

IMDB Rating: NA

Check out the trailer below:

Plot:  The story starts with three young lads, who had sex wishes to enjoy their lives. Unfortunately, circumstances make their situation awkward every time. From the name itself, the boys wanted to lose their virginity, but here the question arises, why, is it necessary.  Now is it interesting to see if these three boys can lose their virginity or not?

Cast: Paras Babbar, Monika Chauhan, Swati Agarwal, Marina Kuwar, Keshav, Armaan Tahil, Minoli Nandwana, Sarika Raghwa, Farheen Farookh, etc.

Production House:   Ullu

Releasing Date:  The new adult comedy series “Virgin Boys” will b available from 3rd July on Ullu app.

Movie Reviews:  NA

Information Source: Youtube

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