Tijarat | Riti Riwaj | Story of a Body Trading

Riti Riwaj, an adult romantic series from ULLU has brought us another episode called Tijarat. Here we bring you the trailer of the Episode Tijarat. This time ULLU presents the concept of women trading In the Series of Riti Riwaj.

 Tijarat | Riti Riwaj  | Ullu originals

IMDB Rating: NA

Check out the trailer below:

Plot:  The story starts with a girl being prepared to make herself beautiful so that she can get a good rate in the market. Later the story follows with a love story, social harassment, and society’s poor thought. basically it’s a story of a girl turning Rakhail, ruining her dreams and personal interest.   

Cast: Anchal Takalkar, Anupama Prakash, Ashok Jha, Prashant Manrai

Production House:   Ullu

Releasing Date:  Released on 29th My 2020, the full episode is available on Ullu app for free.

Movie Reviews:  NA

Information Source: Youtube

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