The Alienist Angel of Darkness – Season 2 available on TNT

In late 1896, when some male prostitutes get murdered, The team Alienist came for the investigation. The Alienist Angel of Darkness is the sequel to its first series. two years ago the first part was released.    

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – Season 2 in an thriller drama series, which will be available on TNT this time. Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans are the lead character of the series. This was premiered on 19th July 2020 on TNT.

IMDB Rating: NA

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – Season 2

Check out the trailer below:

Plot:  Team Alienist called upon for an investigation of a series of murder events occurred in late 1896.  

Cast: Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans, Emily Barber, Brittany Marie Batchelder, Daniel Brühl

Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning acted in the first part of the series and now playing a crucial role in this season. Hansel & Gretel, Uptown Girls, The Twilight Series are some of the names, She is known for.

Luke Evans
Luke Evans

Luke Evans, who also acted in the first season of the series, known for Beauty and the Beast, Fast & Furious 6.

Production House:  Abundantia Entertainment, Genius Films, Mutant Films

Releasing Date:  Streaming on TNT now.

Movie Reviews:  NA

Information Source: Youtube, IMDB

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